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Welcome To The Dolls House Draper

We have had a hectic 10years but The Dolls House Draper is back.
We have had two miniatures of our own in the past 8 years (Dexter and Seraphina)
but we have sadly lost Hillary.
After losing Hilary we moved Graham and the contents of The Dolls House Draper over to East Yorkshire where we have very slowly been re-organising everything so that when the children started school we could get back to what we do best and that's supplying the miniature trade with top quality fabric, lace and trims. That time has finally come as we sent little Seraphina to her first day at big school last week so here we go...

As technology has changed so much in the past 10years we have decided to change things around slightly. You will no longer be able to buy through the website. We have set up an Etsy account, and this is where everything will be sold. As we have so much stock (literally thousands) this will take time to get everything on. In the meantime if there is something you want or need and cant see it on there please just drop me an email and I will try my hardest to locate the product for you. I am already on the lookout for a few people.

We are now on social media and we do try to announce when new products are being put on Etsy.




We look forward to speaking to you soon  

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